A Follow-Up Survey on Tourism Graduates in the Eastern Philippines

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One of the many responsibilities of a university is to shape its students for their future career. The quality of a program’s curriculum is vital to provide high-quality education to the students. Measuring the effectiveness of a curriculum or program is impossible without reliable data. Graduate surveys have already been used by institutions, and these surveys provide significant data that can help faculty and academic administrators in revising curricula. This paper is designed to: create a graduate profile of tourism graduates in one of the state universities in the eastern Philippines; create a skill inventory needed in the tourism and hospitality industry; to determine the employability of the tourism graduates; and to collect feedback to improve the hospitality and tourism courses in Southeast Asia. This study used a descriptive research design to effectively describe the variables of the study and a self-made questionnaire was personally administered to the respondents. Moreover, respondents were identified through a purposive sampling technique. The results of the study reflect the current employment status of the tourism graduates and provide significant data and statistics for the Tourism and Hospitality faculty members and also the academic administrators in augmenting and improving the current curriculum to supply the needed skills in the industry.